We match the right product and manufacturer to your unique mechatronic motion and automated assembly needs – saving you valuable time and money.



Stepper & Servo Motors, Drives & Controllers
— Applied Motion Products

Gear Reducers: Worm, Planetary, Harmonic, Double Enveloping Worm, Slew Drive/Bearing
— Cone Drive

Motion Controllers, PLC, Network IO
— Galil

Mechanical Linear Actuators: High Speed Belt, Ball Screw, Direct Drive Linear Servo
— Kuroda Jenatec
— Macron Dynamics
— Weiss

Ball Screws: Precision Ground, Rolled, Whirled
— Kuroda Jenatec

Robotics: XYZ, Gantry, Tbot, Hbot, Pick & Place, Robot Transfer Units
— Macron Dynamics
— Weiss

Mechanical Coupling: Composite Disc, Schmidt, Control-Flex, Servo Class Couplings & Keyless Shaft Bushings
— Zero-Max

Rotary Encoder Feedback: Incremental & Absolute
— Scancon

Linear Guide Bearings: Profiled Rail (Ball, MiniRail)
— Kuroda Jenatec

Direct Drive Servo Motors: Linear & Rotary
— Tecnotion

Ball Screws: Precision Ground, Rolled, Whirled
— Kuroda Jenatec

• automated assembly •


Parts Marking: Laser, Pneumatic, Engraving, Stamps & Dies, Dot Peen
— Columbia Marking Tools

Plastics Joining: Welding (Hybrid Vibration, Spin, Hot Plate, IR Heat Staking and Ultrasonic)
— Extol

Discrete Part Feeders & Sorting: Vibratory Bowl, Step Feeders, Elevator Conveyor, Hoppers
— Fortville Feeders

Multi-strand Pallet Conveying & Panel-handling Solution
— Glide-Line

Air Leak Test Instruments & Automated Leak Testing System

Rotary Indexing Tables, Pick & Place Robots, Linear Assembly Systems
— Weiss