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Glide-Line IMPACT!

IMPACT (Interactive Modeling Program and Application Configuration Tools)

Using software that you already know and use, you can make this possible with IMPACT! Glide-Line’s Interactive Modeling Program and Application Configuration Tool, puts you in the driver's seat. Skip the back and forth, the interpretation and additional headaches! AND, if you are a Solidworks user, you can get even more creative.

  • Allows on-the-fly model changes without re-configuring, re-downloading, and re-inserting models with every change

  • Evaluates the throughput, weights, lengths, and heights handled by the conveyor you’re designing

  • Provides accurate, dynamic pricing

  • Enables easy, accurate model creation

  • Allows magnetic snap-to mating and references

  • Shows device actuations in various operational states

  • Works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS – with no training

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SG, SE, SC Linear Ballscrew Actuator

KURODA JENATEC, Ball Screw Actuator is a compact single-axis unit consisting of a ball screw and a slide guide. Despite its compact structure, the actuator with its U-shape Rail shows high rigidity against bending and deflecting. It can be applied to a structure supported by one end. With it’s gothic-arch, 4-point contact structure, the Linear Motion Unit makes it possible to deliver high precision and high rigidity.

A wide variety of options are available including motor bracket configurations for connecting various types of motors, top covers sensors, and lubricating units.

  • Exceptional Combination of High Force, Speed & Precision

  • Forces up to 180,000 N

  • Standard Stroke Lengths over 1200mm

  • Warranties up to 5 Years Possible 

  • High Precision, High Rigidity

  • Single Axis Units comprising a Ball Screw and a Slide Guide

  • Low Profile and Compact

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LeakMaster Series 700

LeakMaster’s 700 series is not only extremely fast, it’s repeatable, and, best of all, it’s user friendly. Add the fact that the 700 series is configurable for pressure decay leak testing, mass flow leak testing, or differential pressure decay leak testing and you can be confident you have one of the most versatile precision air leak test instruments available.

Optional Ethernet/IP module for seamless integration with Allen Bradley EtherNet/IP or other compatible devices, eliminates I/O wiring, reduces start-up time and hardware cost. Provides ultimate control and the ability to capture valuable leak rate data for data collection systems, critical for today’s production environment.

  • Machine Mount, Benchtop and Ultraflow Models

  • Optional Ethernet/IP, Modbus and Profinet connectivity

  • Easy setup

  • Real-time graphing and data logging

  • Multi-channel input

  • Differential pressure, Pressure decay & Mass flow modes

  • Multi-lingual display

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Zero-Max – For over 60 years, Zero-Max, Inc. has created innovative solutions to servo motion control problems worldwide such as shaft couplings, adjustable speed drives and keyless lock bushings. With strategic distribution points located throughout the world, Zero-Max can deliver your motion control solution. The Zero-Max team of application specialists can engineer a solution to meet your motion control requirements. The Zero-Max brand is known throughout the world as a mark of quality and performance. It is not uncommon for us to receive a call from a customer who has had one of our products in service for decades.


Applied Motion Control Products TBSM11

Compact Actuators for Linear Positioning Applications

Combining StepSERVO™ Integrated Motors and high precision screws for accuracy and convenience

  • Full closed loop servo positioning and force control

  • On-board motion control with Q Programming

  • Greater torque than conventional step motor-based linear actuators

  • Quiet, high efficiency operation

  • Precision, low backlash ball screws and lead screws with anti-backlash nuts

  • Customizable stroke lengths, leads, end machining and nuts to meet exact requirements

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Extol Vibration Welding

The ultimate range in vibration welding technology

Extol is the sole distributor of CEMAS vibration welding equipment in the United States and Canada. Our full lineup of vibration welders includes standard and high-level pneumatic models, servo-controlled models, and hybrid infrared (IR) clean vibration models. These impressive machines are highly customizable to meet any customer’s needs.

  • Full closed loop servo positioning and force control

  • Strong Welded Joints

  • Hermetic Seal

  • Low Cycle Time

  • Some Tolerance for Warped Components

  • Polyamide Friendly

  • No Plastic Cooling Prior To Seal

  • Immediate Assembly Handling

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Extol nanoStake™

Low-current, high-performance, closed-loop staking

nanoSTAKE™ is a revolutionary new staking technology that uses a proprietary Smart Respond™ heating technology to rapidly heat and cool a punch to stake plastic

  • Smart Respond heating technology uses a low‑current, high‑performance heater with an embedded temperature sensor.

  • Closed-loop process control

  • LED indicator shows module status

  • No heat migration into the module; all the heat is concentrated at the tip.

  • Position monitoring (optional)

  • 8 mm punch diameter, 12.5 mm body diameter

  • Conduction heat transfer

  • Unimpacted by material color

  • Integrated clamping (optional)

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