August 2018

Applied Motion Control Products TBSM11

Compact Actuators for Linear Positioning Applications

Combining StepSERVO™ Integrated Motors and high precision screws for accuracy and convenience

  • Full closed loop servo positioning and force control
  • On-board motion control with Q Programming
  • Greater torque than conventional step motor-based linear actuators
  • Quiet, high efficiency operation
  • Precision, low backlash ball screws and lead screws with anti-backlash nuts
  • Customizable stroke lengths, leads, end machining and nuts to meet exact requirements
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July 2018

Extol Vibration Welding

The ultimate range in vibration welding technology

Extol is the sole distributor of CEMAS vibration welding equipment in the United States and Canada. Our full lineup of vibration welders includes standard and high-level pneumatic models, servo-controlled models, and hybrid infrared (IR) clean vibration models. These impressive machines are highly customizable to meet any customer’s needs.

  • Full closed loop servo positioning and force control
  • Strong Welded Joints
  • Hermetic Seal
  • Low Cycle Time
  • Some Tolerance for Warped Components
  • Polyamide Friendly
  • No Plastic Cooling Prior To Seal
  • Immediate Assembly Handling
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June 2018

Extol nanoStake

Low-current, high-performance, closed-loop staking

nanoSTAKE™ is a revolutionary new staking technology that uses a proprietary Smart Respond™ heating technology to rapidly heat and cool a punch to stake plastic

  • Smart Respond heating technology uses a low‑current, high‑performance heater with an embedded temperature sensor.
  • Closed-loop process control
  • LED indicator shows module status
  • No heat migration into the module; all the heat is concentrated at the tip.
  • Position monitoring (optional)
  • 8 mm punch diameter, 12.5 mm body diameter
  • Conduction heat transfer
  • Unimpacted by material color
  • Integrated clamping (optional)
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